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Pipeline Safety & Awareness

The Smalley Foundation believes safety & awareness education is an important and powerful tool that empowers first responders, youths, educators and communities to assess risks and make safe decisions.

First Responders

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No one knows emergency responders as well as the Smalley Foundation. For two decades we have been educating emergency responders about pipeline safety and response. This cornerstone program was determined before the Smalley Foundation had walls.

For Kids

youthsIntroducing children to the underground world of the pipeline system is critical. Elementary-age youths are more impressionable and “rule embracing” than in their older years. Reaching young children with pipeline safety provides opportunity to influence attitudes and behaviors while they are still being formed.


schoolsOne in every 20 schools sits less than a half-mile from pipelines or above-ground pipeline facilities. Yet school administrators often overlook these dangers when assessing risks or creating emergency plans for other hazards. If your school is located near a pipeline, the Smalley Foundation can help prepare for the worst.


communityThe Smalley Foundation encourages first-responders to spread the safety-awareness word throughout their communities. We will provide the educational materials our facilitators need to meet with individuals, church groups, schools, businesses and any other organization living and working near pipelines.

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