Pipeline Safety and Awareness for Our Communities


schoolsPublic Awareness

The Smalley Foundation encourages first-responders to spread the safety-awareness word throughout their communities. We will provide the educational materials our on-the-ground experts need to meet with individuals, church groups, schools, businesses and any other organization living and working near high-pressure pipelines.


Danielle’s Legacy

The Smalley Foundation has one of the only grassroots efforts for teaching the general public about pipeline safety and awareness. Danielle’s legacy continues to impact communities by empowering people to make safe choices when living, working or playing near neighboring pipelines.


Invisible Danger

Do you live near a pipeline? Drive near a pipeline? Chances are, you do. Pipelines quietly traverse underground areas where people live and work.

In the event of a rupture, liquids from pipelines flow downhill – just like any other liquid. Impact zones can be miles long and even miles away from their the pipeline source. Gas clouds form filling low-lying areas. An inadvertent car ignition can spark the gas cloud forming around a community.

The Smalley Foundation’s pipeline safety resources are free and help first-responders educate community groups about invisible dangers like these.


Pipeline Drills

Schools are safe. Pipeline incidents are rare. But pipeline education, like fire drills, keeps everyone safe. The Smalley Foundation helps first-responders educate rural communities as well as residents of sprawling subdivisions. Residents learn to stay safe in the highly unlikely event of a pipeline incident.


Smalley Resources

Through this program, communities receive information about:

  • Leak recognition and response
  • Finding pipelines near you
  • Protecting pipelines and communities
  • Community Pipeline Safety Brochure

Contact Us

Contact us for more information about our community programs or for assistance reviewing your existing safety procedures related to pipelines near your communities.

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