trainingTraining for Emergencies

A truck hits gas equipment – what would you do?

Pipeline incidents and drilling emergencies aren’t like fires or car accidents. Responding to dangerous situations in the energy industry requires special knowledge and skills.

The Smalley Foundation trains 9-1-1 responders to deal with unique challenges presented by emergencies in the oil patch.


Our Program

Often, first responders haven’t been trained how to safely and appropriately respond to a pipeline or oil & gas-related emergency. The Foundation also trains sheriffs’ deputies, state police, National Guard units and emergency management personnel. Members of any of these agencies might very well be first on the scene of an emergency.

The training provides information to first responders about safety precautions and best practices for emergency response activities at pipeline and oil and gas operation sites.



The Smalley Foundation and its industry partners prepare emergency response agencies to better understand the safe and proper actions to take in response to a release, pipeline or drilling emergency.

  • hazards of pipelines
  • recognizing a pipeline leak
  • purpose of the One-Call system
  • safely responding to emergencies or leaks
  • purpose and reliability of damage-prevention measures
  • identifying pipelines and products they transport

The Foundation partners also teach first responders to create incident action plans and appropriate tactical response to threats.

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