Oil & Gas Safety and Awareness for Community Outreach

oil gas communitiesBenefits and Risks

Yes, communities impacted by the energy industry benefit in many ways. Business growth, jobs, increased taxes and community development all are good for the local economy ... safety hazards are not.

Education about above-ground oil & gas equipment promotes and influences a culture of safety throughout communities affected by drilling operations.


Early Start for Safety

The Smalley Foundation believes drilling safety & awareness programs for youths will influence and promote a culture of safety around energy infrastructure.

Reaching kids with this message is critical. Research indicates elementary age is the best time to install safe and healthy behavior patterns and attitudes children can carry with them throughout their lives.

This program teaches kids the benefits of oil & gas drilling, but warns them of the consequences of playing around its equipment. Children are taught to protect themselves in everyday situations.


Oil & Gas Drilling Safety Resources for Communities

We provide communities with information and materials about staying safe around oil & gas drilling operations, and also offer assistance reviewing your existing safety procedures related to operations in and around your communities:

  • Teaching materials
  • Videos
  • Activity and discussion guides
  • Suggested activities

Contact Us

Contact us for more information about our oil & gas drilling safety & awareness materials, or for assistance reviewing your existing safety procedures related to oil & gas operations near your communities.


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