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Irene Barbosa Berger, Safety Educator - Ext. 103

Barbosa BergerAs a Safety Educator at the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation, Irene uses her extensive education and experience to ensure that schools participating in our programs have the highest level of outreach possible. Irene’s school-focused background includes a decade of experience as a public school educator, trainer, facilitator and technology coach. She was also a key member of the “Innovation in Instruction” team within the Organizational Learning department for the school district. Irene worked 13 years as Lead Advisor in the College of Education at Texas Tech University, holds a B.S in Multidisciplinary Studies, an M.S in Education Media Design and Technology, and possesses a Standard teaching certificate issued through the State of Texas.  Ext. 103.

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999 W. Highway 175, Crandall, TX 75114
1-866-401-2800 (toll-free)
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