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Pipeline Safety and Awareness for First Responders

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Why We Care

Preparing first responders for pipeline emergencies is a natural fit for the Danielle Dawn Smalley Foundation who recognized the need after a pipeline leak ignited and took the life of 17-year-old Danielle Dawn Smalley and her friend in 1996 while they were en route to report their concerns to authorities.

In the aftermath, it was realized that if it wouldn’t have been Danielle’s vehicle that ignited the vapors that day, it could have very well been the first responders who were headed towards the same path just moments before Danielle beat them there. Visit www.smalleyfnd.org to learn more about our mission.

Watch the video (left) for a message from a first responder about the Danielle Dawn Smalley pipeline incident.


Beyond Liaison

Practical Pipelines works with diligent pipeline operators who strive to increase reach and address the evolving information consumption needs of busy first responders.

Click on the Pipeline Operator Tab on www.practicalpipelines.org and request a password to learn more or to request a free demo or sponsorship proposal.

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