Oil & Gas Drilling Safety and Awareness

The Smalley Foundation believes safety and awareness education is an important and powerful tool that empowers first responders, youths, educators and communities to assess risks and make safe decisions.

First Responders

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Firefighters, sheriffs’ departments, EMTs and 911 dispatchers may lack adequate training for oil-and-gas-related emergencies. Yet these first responders face increasing challenges posed by newer methods of energy extraction and by infrastructure buildout.

School Systems

school systemsUpper-elementary grades provide teachers a window of opportunity to teach students lifesaving habits of personal safety and responsibility, especially around nearby yet very dangerous oil& gas drilling operations and equipment.

Youths and School Programs

youth school programsTo kids, oil-and-gas equipment may look a lot like playground equipment. Teens looking for secluded places find plenty of privacy there. “No Trespassing” and “Danger” signs don’t stop youth – but education does.

Community Outreach

oil gas communities Communities impacted by the energy industry benefit in many ways. Business growth, jobs, increased taxes and residential and commercial development all are good for the local economy ... safety hazards are not.

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